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Frequently asked questions

Is the Email Finder free?

This tool is free to use. However, your searches are filtered by Google recaptcha. Pro plan gives you unlimited access to all our products. You may get started with 500 free emails by signing up for a 7-days free trial.

How accurate are the emails?

Our algorithm uses different logics to find emails. Some are found online, while others are guessed using the email pattern. The average accuracy is between 40-50%. If one is to download 5000 contacts from LinkedIn then they should be getting 2000-2500 verified emails everyday. Know that we never cap your usage. So you can find as many leads as you need.

Wouldn't LinkedIn cap my daily usage?

Our Chrome extension does not visit individual LinkedIn profiles. Thus making it possible to go unlimited. Most of our clients download an average of 10K profiles on a daily basis.

Are all the emails business emails or do you also provide generic emails like @yahoo?

Single contact finder and bulk contact finder will only give you company emails. While our Chrome extension gives you a mix of both company and/or personal emails.

Not sure what's best for you?

You can start for Free and upgrade to the Pro Plan later.